ComeOn Enhanced Odds

The enhanced odds deals provided by ComeOn will be very familiar to you if you’ve taken advantage of these offers elsewhere. There are, however, one or two twists that provide some extra value so if you haven’t considered their sportsbook before, this is a great way to get into it.

Enhanced Offers

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The most common type of price boost promotions are for new customers and they will tend to be listed on the biggest football matches of the weekend. Often, there will be an enhanced price on both teams as there was in the Merseyside derby of December 2016 when the bookie lifted Liverpool to win at 4/1 or Everton to win at 6/1.

On other occasions, only one team will be quoted if it’s felt that the game is more one-sided. ComeOn will then take the favourites and give you some value here with a boosted figure.

We haven’t found anything in terms of price boosts for existing customers yet but be sure to follow our updates in case this changes.

Participating Sports

The price boost deals that we have found have been almost exclusively for football matches. ComeOn will typically take the biggest games over the weekend and provide a price boost on one team to win or, alternatively, if it’s a close market, you may find that both sides are quoted.

Promos may drop in for major tournaments elsewhere in the sporting world and once again, we will look to bring you these as and when they arrive.

Significant Terms

Here’s where ComeOn differ from other bookmakers as there is some excellent additional value when you take up this type of deal. Firstly, as we’ve already mentioned, these are for new customers so the first thing to do is register with a few basic details and make your first deposit.

You will then get a £10.00 free bet token which is separate to this promotion so the extra value has already started. As for this deal, you have to stake £10.00 and you can bet more than this figure but only that first £10.00 is applicable to the incentive.

Winnings at the book price get paid to your account while any profit at the boosted figure is issued as a free bet bonus with ComeOne’s free bet rules applying.

Those are the significant terms but check all ts and cs to be certain you are happy.


ComeOn’s terms and conditions make no reference to banking although you will obviously have to credit at least £10.00 in order to cover the outlay. No funding methods are specifically excluded but we would always recommend using a debit card to be safe.

If in doubt, always check with the operator’s customer service team.

ComeOn Overview

They are one of the newer additions to the list of sportsbooks but there are some regular deals at ComeOn. These change very frequently so you should log on to your account on a daily basis to find out more. The bookmaker also holds a weekly quiz on Twitter where you can win free bets so there is some innovation here too.

Prices are competitive across the board, particularly in the popular markets such as football and tennis so once you’ve taken advantage of this deal, it’s a good place to hang out in the longer term.


We like these ComeOn deals because you get that extra bit of value with a free bet token irrespective of whether you win or not. You can also stake more than £10.00 so there is flexibility too and overall these are impressive offers.

They also come along regularly and while we might like to see more of them, along with some offers in markets other than football, the price lifts are generous and the terms are fair so you should definitely look to get on board.


  • Regular deals in football markets
  • Free bet token also issued to new customers
  • Generous price lifts on these new account holder deals


  • Slightly higher minimum stake of £10.00
  • Lack of price boosts for existing customers