Bet on the Next French President at Paddy Power

Round 1 of voting for the next French president came to an end, and two candidates managed to advance into the second round of the Election. According to Paddy Power, the time is now to bet on the next French President, since the betting odds are excellent!

As expected, the top betting favourites, Emanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen have advanced to the second round of 2017 French Election. According to betting companies, Macron has been considered as a favourite from the very beginning, and his 24% of total votes proved them right. Marine Le Pen gathered 21.4%, so she is looking for her chance in Round 2.

Since both candidates have completely different views on the future policy of France, the election scheduled for 7th May can easily determine the future of France and the European Union.

Marine Le Pen (5/1) is counting on the “French pride”, and the number of people “who decided to raise their heads and look for a safer future. She has been the leader of the National Front since 2011, and immediately started dealing with issues that worry a large group of Frenchmen, including France’s position in the EU, immigration, terrorist attacks, and views on Islam. Marine’s “France first” position has a great deal of loyal followers, so if you decide to put your money on her win, Paddy Power will offer you a sweet 5/1 betting odd.

On the other hand, Emmanuel Macron (1/8), the former investment banker swiftly became the favourite and won the most votes in round 1, despite the fact that he lacked support from major political parties. He is considered to be the representative of cosmopolitan voters who see more pros than cons in France’s EU membership. Macron’s focus is on modernisation of the country, which includes cuts on corporate tax and a big shift into renewable sources of energy. He stated that he wants to become “the president of the patriots in the face of the threat from the nationalists”. This is why Macron is listed as the safest bet, and Paddy Power lists his odds to win the presidency at 1/8.