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What are Enhanced Odds Offers?

Bookmakers are constantly looking for new ways to be innovative on their sportsbooks and to bring in new trends to attract a wider customer base. We saw this with the rise of in play betting which was subsequently followed by Cashout – two schemes that quickly caught on and spread around the operators.

The latest of these is Enhanced Odds: If you hang around the news sites and in particular, social media, then you will have doubtless heard of this type of offer but what does it all mean? The concept of boosting a price is a simple one but why would a bookie do this and is there any catch?

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Types of Offer

The most common type of enhanced odds deal is strictly for new customers and is obviously designed to get them on board and to hopefully become a regular player. 888sport and Coral are two of the more active outlets in this regard but lots of sportsbooks are quoting this type of deal from time to time.

Essentially, the bookie will take an upcoming sporting event and quote a significantly higher price under this promotion. As an example, 888sport lifted their 11/18 standard odds on Michael Van Gerwen to win the 2017 PDC World Darts Championship and offered an impressive 7/1 with their new customer deal.

Naturally this offer has gone but it is typical of the type of price boost that you might see. Other options may take a football match and quote an enhanced price on either team to win. They are very fluid markets and commonly, the offer listed on the relevant website may well refer to a football match taking place later that day so you may have to move quickly.

Existing Players

On occasion, you may see this type of offer listed for current account holders but they tend to be much rarer. The bookmaker has already got your business but if your account has been dormant for a while, you may receive a message alerting you to a new deal.

Once again, although the bookie has a reason for doing this, there are some excellent odds on offer here so everything is worth considering.

Price Boosts

While a price boost is essentially the same as an enhanced odds offer, the bookmakers will tend to change the way this type of deal works.

As an example here, a bookie may take a series of events such as Spurs to beat Arsenal and Harry Kane to score anytime. The book price will then be lifted if you bet and both of these events come in.

In these circumstances, the price boost may not be quite as generous with a typical price of 4/1 maybe extending to 6/1 but once again, it’s extra funds and if you wanted a multiple stake, you can claim an additional profit.

SkyBet are among the most active bookmakers when it comes to price boosting and Winner Sports are busy too but you can find these across the operators.

Terms and Conditions

Terms of any enhanced offer deal will obviously vary from bookmaker to bookmaker but there are trends that are common for all. Firstly, the maximum amount you can stake will be set to perhaps £10.00 or, in the case of some of the higher Coral enhanced offers, it could be as low as £1.00.

It’s also likely that any winnings for new customers will be paid out as a free bet token. As an existing customer taking advantage of a price boost deal however, you can expect this as a clear profit with funds added to your account when the outcome lands in your favour.

As we mentioned above, you should check all ts and cs before proceeding but with such value at stake here, you should definitely be taking a look.

How to Find Enhanced Offers

Most of the bookmakers involved have dedicated links where you can see these offers drop in on a daily basis. You can also check our news feeds where we will look to provide a comprehensive guide to specific offers and price boosts as and when they are confirmed.

Social media is also a good way of getting the news as it arrives so be certain to follow as many bookmakers as you can via Twitter and Facebook. Check your e-mails and text messages too as the bookies may well want to send you offers via these mediums.

There are terms to follow but essentially there is no ‘catch’ when it comes to an enhanced odds or price boost deal. It’s a good way to either get on board with a new provider or to make use of a great deal from your existing account. However you play them, there are some seriously good promos out there which can increase your fun and your chances of landing an enhanced profit.